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wooden cabin

How Much Should You Spend In Melbourne To Build A Granny Flat?

The average price of building granny flats in Melbourne could range between $81,000 and $120,000, depending on the size of the structure. While it’s possible to have one for as low as $10,000, take note that this isn’t ideal if you want to improve your home’s appearance. Homeowners should also consider an extension or room

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Pet Dog

Top Five Reasons Your Dog Pees in the House

Having a pet entails a huge responsibility. Expect that there will be accidents now and then, especially if your dog is not house trained yet. Although it is not their fault, you will undoubtedly feel frustrated if your dog continually pees inside your house, for instance. To address this concern, the first step that you

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professional music studio

Significant Sound Control Points for Your Home Music Studio

Musicians and their instruments are inseparable, and that’s considered a universal truth. Creating music requires that it be done with inspiration and enough space to compose a wonderful melody and catchy lyrics. While some musicians are able to record in a professional studio, not everyone can afford it, especially if they’re going the indie route.

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technician fixing appliance

How Long Do Modern Kitchen Appliances Last?

Some manufacturers today no longer make the same quality of appliances as they used to. You will be lucky to have a machine that will last for more than 10 years. Price also does not equate to a better-quality appliance. Although you may be paying a hefty price, having several features does not mean that

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Rebuilding a family house and adding an extension.

A Few Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value

House flipping has become a favorite job among people who are knowledgeable about real estate. It became so popular that Steam, a video game developing company, made it into a video game. Flippers are experts in the aspect of completely turning an ugly house into one that everyone will covet. It also implies that they

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home patio and open french doors

Making the Most of Your Small Home for Valuable Improvements

Homes and properties can come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. If you happen to be a homeowner with a small and narrow lot, you may find yourself with a challenge when it comes to the design of your home and making the most of what little property that you have. While pre-made designs are

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Couple choosing color for walls

Home Improvements to Keep Your Spaces Stylish

Three of the top home decorating trends that dominated 2018 were subway tiles, exposed lighting, and rose gold accents. This year, designers are getting more into pieces and patterns that are reminiscent of old styles but still have a much fresher take. Many homeowners can make improvements in their spaces this year not only in

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Woman cleaning

Leave No Stone Unturned when Cleaning the House

It’s easy to take a quick sweep of the house, hide the clutter, and call it a day. When you are expecting guests at the last minute, it’s understandable that you’ll want to shove disorganized items into a cabinet that, hopefully, guests will not be tempted to open. What they don’t see will not hurt

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Residential asphalt roof shingles

Metal vs. Asphalt: Which is Better for Roofing Shingles?

It can be confusing to choose between asphalt and metal, especially when you start to plan for roof replacement or installation, but knowing some guidelines should make it easier aside from knowing your budget limitations. Homeowners have different options for metal roofing, unlike asphalt shingles. Some choose metal since they want a stronger and energy-efficient

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kitchen with ceramic tiles

Tiles vs. Wood: Which One Is Better for Your Kitchen?

You’re remodeling or building your New Zealand kitchen, and now you’re faced with the dilemma: should you use tiles or wood for floors? Flooring isn’t cheap and is time-consuming, so your decision can make or break your coffers. It might also affect the overall resale value of your property in the future. To help you

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