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Keeping Your Garbage to the Utmost Minimum with Foresight

From the looks of it, it would seem America loves accumulating superlatives. The problem is some of these jaw-dropping numbers lean towards the negative side. That’s what the superpower’s garbage footprint is telling us. A recent study by Verisk Maplecroft, a leading global risk assessment consortium, showed the United States is the most wasteful country.

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Home Upgrades That Are Friendly to the Environment and Your Budget

Nowadays, it’s just not enough to have a trendy, comfortable, and beautifully-maintained house. Over the past couple of years, it has become imperative for human beings to take care of the environment — since the authorities do not seem to take enough action anyway — and this means taking the initiative to make sure that

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How Much Money Can You Really Save With Energy Efficient Choices?

Making energy-efficient changes to your home is touted as an effective way to lower monthly energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint. But how much money can you really save by making these changes? And is it even worth it? This short guide will explain the truth about energy-efficient savings. What is energy efficiency? Energy efficiency

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8 Best Greenhouse Plants That Are Best for Beginners

So you just bought or built a greenhouse with the help of general contracting services in your area, and of course, you can’t wait to get started on your gardening. Having a greenhouse is a terrific addition to your home, especially if you are passionate about developing your green thumb. With a greenhouse, you can make

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4 Cheap Ways to Build a Sustainable House

Being more mindful about sustainability and environmentally conscious has been at the forefront of many industries over the past few years, and construction has been a major part of it. Many homeowners are now interested in building environmentally-friendly houses. Here are some ideas on how you effectively build a green home while on a budget.

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Energy efficient

Simple Tricks to Turn Your Home Into a More Energy-Efficient Abode

Many homeowners would want to reduce their energy consumption. After all, we use energy each day to power our appliances, charge our gadgets, and make our lives at home less complicated. If you truly want to make your home more energy-efficient, then you can start with the simplest strategies, like the following. Conduct a Home Energy

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The Essence of Running an Environmentally-Friendly Business

Business owners build competitive strategies to increase brand exposure and improve profitability. Their priorities often consist of tactics that help improve their services to attract new clients. If you are planning to start a business, it’s best if you also know how to make your company stand out. One of the best strategies that you

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Winter Wonderland: How to Prepare Your Home for the Cold

Migrating to a new state brings about a slew of changes that takes time to get used to. Among the many that can affect your lifestyle, the environment is perhaps the worst of the bunch. You may have difficulty adjusting to a location that experiences more weather than just rain or shine. Hence, the need

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carpenter ants

The Potential Damage of a Crazy Ant Infestation at Home

Are you seeing some ants crawling down your air-conditioning unit? Then, you need to take that seriously. Some ants swarm on electrical wirings and build a colony there. This can cause an electrical wire short circuit, which can lead to a fire. Crazy ants, as some people call them, can also disable air-conditioning units, which will

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Food and yard scrap bin

Food Wastage: Small Solutions for a Big Problem

The increasing volume of food waste continues to be a pressing global issue. According to Matt Petronzio, an online staff writer of Mashable.com, over one-third of all food items produced in the world is being spoiled or discarded. In fact, in the United States alone, citizens throw out approximately 40% of the food they purchase.

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