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3 Water Softening Methods Explained

Hard water coming straight from underground sources usually has certain components (specifically calcium, magnesium and other metal cations) that cause limescale build-up in the pipes, which is harmful for plumbing. By softening the water, the components that make it “hard” are removed, so the water can go through the pipes without causing limescale. There are several ways

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couple moving to a new home

A Marriage of Styles: Tips for Couples Designing a Home

Decorating a home is no easy job. Decorating with a spouse is far tougher though. More often than not, couples tend to clash when it comes to aesthetic tastes. One loves neutrals; the other likes bold hues. What’s worse in this situation is that as you try to resolve the clash, you feel the pressure

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patio of a traditional home

Patio-Building Best Practices

Before you enter a house, you step on the driveway, or you pass through the gate. On a bright, summer day, it is likely that you will notice the design, furniture and landscape of the patio area, or lack thereof. Having a well-designed patio should not escape the trendy homeowner since this is very much

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land property

How 3D Scanning and Drone Technology Have Changed Land Surveying

The technology of 3D scanning has made it possible for nearly every professional to perform tasks more effectively. Dentists and orthodontists, for instance, use 3D scanning to better photograph the teeth of their patients and therefore create accurate impressions. It is because of this that more and more 3D laser scanning companies in Utah and

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girl with towel and bath robe

Hot Shower: An Affordable Spa Experience

With the exception of those living in a sunny, tropical country, many are probably not a big fan of taking cold showers. In fact, just the thought of taking a cold shower in the morning can probably make you shiver in your pyjamas. Accordingly, homeowners invest in efficient water heating systems to ensure that they

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yellow gloves cleaning furniture

Keeping a Year-Round Cleaning Schedule for Your Home

Home maintenance is part of the responsibilities of every homeowner. Making sure that the house is clean and that the various systems are working should be done regularly. There are some maintenance and cleanup steps that you can do monthly and others that are best conducted on a yearly basis. Keeping your home’s systems clean

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Couple looking at a property

5 Great Reasons Investing in a New Home is a Brilliant Idea

If you have been thinking of purchasing one of the house and land packages in Townsville, then one of the key decisions you will need to make is whether to invest in a new home or buy a resale one. Over the years, more buyers have been gravitating towards new homes, and there are many

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Man standing infront of a cracked concrete wall

Keeping Your Home’s Concrete Foundation Well-Maintained

Natural disasters usually come unannounced, which is why we should always be prepared for when it actually hits us. One way to do so is to keep your home well-maintained at all times, especially your concrete foundation. This keeps your home intact, as well as your family safe from disasters. Here, we will give you

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Making Your School More Attractive to Potential Students and Parents

Parents and students alike flock to schools during application and enrolment periods. Aside from actual registration, one of the reasons why they do so is to see if they match criteria. Schools are businesses as well, so they also compete for the attention of their customers which, in this case, are their students and their

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