advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid car

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Hybrid Car

Every year, vehicles on the highway release around 1.4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases or GHGs into the atmosphere. The GHGs released are mainly carbon dioxide (CO2). This significantly contributes to global climate change. In fact, for each gallon of gasoline you burn, 20 pounds of GHG are created. To put that into perspective,

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Raw Diamond: What Makes it Special and is it Ethical?

Have you seen a raw diamond? People have worn polished diamonds for years; their brilliant sparkles and quality cuts have traditionally been symbols of love, beauty and power. But diamonds are more than just a fashion statement or an accessory for men and women. Fields like physics, optics, communication and electronics use diamond as a

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Eco Food: Ways to Start Eco-friendly Food Choices

Our planet is drowning in plastic pollution among other things, and it’s high time that something is done about it. Approximately 12 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean each year, and that’s not including the waste found on land. This problem is affecting wildlife such as fish, whales, dolphins, sea birds, seals

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What Makes Preventive Maintenance a Worthwhile Investment for Companies

We’ve heard it many times: “Prevention is better than cure.” This phrase is something facility managers should practice more when managing equipment in industrial facilities. Preventive maintenance is a critical part of facility management. Its primary goal is to establish consistent methods designed to enhance the safety and performance of systems and equipment at your

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The Challenges in Building Sustainable Structures

The world is currently out of balance. Our Earth is slowly dying. Amidst the impressive achievements mankind has achieved over the years, it does not come without a cost. Ever since the birth of industry, we have been relentlessly cutting down our forests, contaminating our oceans, and polluting our air. Only 25 years have passed since

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Gardening to Fight Climate Change: Ideas to Try

By now, you should already have a fair idea about climate change, its causes, and what can happen if this crisis is not averted. It may not be far-fetched to assume that you’ve even done something to counter it by now. Perhaps you’ve bought your own tumbler for your water and coffee, shopped from local

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Why Construction Entrepreneurs Should Use Green Technology

Opening a business, particularly in the construction industry, is never easy given the amount of work and money needed to invest early. Aside from that, you’d always need to consider your target audience because ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took place, many individuals have decided to start following various eco-friendly practices at home. So, this is already

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Greening Up Your Garage Remodeling Project

Homeowners these days would go on maintaining and improving their houses in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. They often start with the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. But then, one area we often take for granted is the garage. We only remember to remodel this place when there is now an immediate need for

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Eco Friendly Practices When Building Your Dream Home

Everybody dreams of living in a healthy environment. We all want to inhale the fresh air, drink clean water, walk under green trees and swim in crystal clear waters. However, human activities have brought destruction to the environment. Careless garbage disposal, illegal logging, and dynamite fishing are examples of these activities. The task of taking

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