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Sustainable Living: How Homeowners Make Their Homes Eco-friendly

During the pandemic, the boom in the real estate market allowed many Americans to own a home of their own. This positive development in the real estate market resulted in the highest number of existing-home sales in more than a decade. For eco-conscious buyers, they have to work on enhancing their homes to make them sustainable.

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Living Tiny and Green: The Big Benefits of Living in a Tiny House

We’ve seen the trend for bigger houses over the past years, but right now, the attention of homeowners shifted to smaller living spaces. In fact, many individuals and families are now deciding to build and live in houses less than 500 square feet of space. This trend is more popularly known as the tiny house

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Going Green: Creating a More Sustainable Place of Business

Sustainability has been a topic most companies and organizations have tackled for decades. The need to alter existing business models and sometimes create new ones for the sake of increasing sustainability is a heavily discussed topic. As a business owner, perhaps you’ve seen the benefits going green has to offer and would wish to apply

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Your Home Needs A Green Roof Right Now

To care for our environment and strive for sustainability in everything we do is a responsibility everyone equally shares. We are all indebted to the environment that has provided us the means to achieve so much in this world, and it’s only right that we do our best to give back and ensure it remains

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Lights Off: Living Green During The Pandemic

We have been dealing with a global climate crisis for several years now. The younger generation has been starting to speak up about these worldwide concerns. Young citizens like Greta Thunberg have started dedicating their time to addressing environmental injustices due to the older generation’s irresponsibility. This is a sign that we have to band together

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Build Your Next Home With Green Building Practices

Your dream home should be more than just a place to live in. It should be a legacy to the future. As part of that goal, you should integrate as many green building practices into its making as possible. Besides helping preserve the environment, many of these earth-friendly techniques have additional benefits. Here is a

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Attractive Plants for the Perfect Woodland Garden

If you have large trees or any unused wooded areas on your property, put them to great use by making a woodland garden. These gardens offer a more relaxed and ‘natural’ look to your home, and the best part is, most of these plants are lower in maintenance and undeniably gorgeous. However, before planting, it’s

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How Important is Saving Energy Today?

In this era of economic burgeoning and industrial build-out, people are running after profits, neglecting the importance of conserving energy in the process. Despite technological advancements, a massive proportion of the world’s power is generated from fossil fuels. Apart from large-scale industries, we should also conserve energy on a domestic scale. The United States wastes a

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Simple Things Everyone Can Do to Help Save the Planet

Remember Dorian, the Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that pounded the East Coast, parts of Canada, Barbados, and other North American countries in September 2019? What about the stifling heatwave that swept the Midwest and West Pacific regions, with Death Valley recording a 130º Fahrenheit temperature, in mid-August just this year? And there are still droughts,

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