The Challenges in Building Sustainable Structures

The world is currently out of balance. Our Earth is slowly dying. Amidst the impressive achievements mankind has achieved over the years, it does not come without a cost. Ever since the birth of industry, we have been relentlessly cutting down our forests, contaminating our oceans, and polluting our air. Only 25 years have passed since

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woman gardening

Gardening to Fight Climate Change: Ideas to Try

By now, you should already have a fair idea about climate change, its causes, and what can happen if this crisis is not averted. It may not be far-fetched to assume that you’ve even done something to counter it by now. Perhaps you’ve bought your own tumbler for your water and coffee, shopped from local

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eco-friendly home

Going Green and Building Environmentally Friendly Homes

In the past, environmental friendliness was a subject rarely mentioned, and those who voiced their concerns over environmentally harmful practices were immediately categorized as some sort of fringe element, “radical greenies” who were out to destroy our way of life with their ill-conceived agenda. Since those times of green marginalization, the wheel has turned full

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construction entrepreneur

Why Construction Entrepreneurs Should Use Green Technology

Opening a business, particularly in the construction industry, is never easy given the amount of work and money needed to invest early. Aside from that, you’d always need to consider your target audience because ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took place, many individuals have decided to start following various eco-friendly practices at home. So, this is already

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man in a garage

Greening Up Your Garage Remodeling Project

Homeowners these days would go on maintaining and improving their houses in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. They often start with the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. But then, one area we often take for granted is the garage. We only remember to remodel this place when there is now an immediate need for

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house construction

Eco Friendly Practices When Building Your Dream Home

Everybody dreams of living in a healthy environment. We all want to inhale the fresh air, drink clean water, walk under green trees and swim in crystal clear waters. However, human activities have brought destruction to the environment. Careless garbage disposal, illegal logging, and dynamite fishing are examples of these activities. The task of taking

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LED Lights

Sustainable Living: How Homeowners Make Their Homes Eco-friendly

During the pandemic, the boom in the real estate market allowed many Americans to own a home of their own. This positive development in the real estate market resulted in the highest number of existing-home sales in more than a decade. For eco-conscious buyers, they have to work on enhancing their homes to make them sustainable.

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orange tiny house

Living Tiny and Green: The Big Benefits of Living in a Tiny House

We’ve seen the trend for bigger houses over the past years, but right now, the attention of homeowners shifted to smaller living spaces. In fact, many individuals and families are now deciding to build and live in houses less than 500 square feet of space. This trend is more popularly known as the tiny house

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sustainability concept

Going Green: Creating a More Sustainable Place of Business

Sustainability has been a topic most companies and organizations have tackled for decades. The need to alter existing business models and sometimes create new ones for the sake of increasing sustainability is a heavily discussed topic. As a business owner, perhaps you’ve seen the benefits going green has to offer and would wish to apply

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person gardening

Your Home Needs A Green Roof Right Now

To care for our environment and strive for sustainability in everything we do is a responsibility everyone equally shares. We are all indebted to the environment that has provided us the means to achieve so much in this world, and it’s only right that we do our best to give back and ensure it remains

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