Moisture on the window

High and Low Humidity: How They Affect Your Health and Home

When talking about your home’s “comfort”, we often think about the air quality, ambient temperature, and perhaps the furniture we rest on, such as the bed and sofa. Humidity is often overlooked, and homeowners tend to focus more on air flow and the temperature of our home. However, humidity doesn’t only affect how comfortable or

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Woman gardening

The Essentials of Garden Design

Well-tended gardens never fail to enliven and beautify a living area. Whether it is a garden for growing vegetables or decorative flowers, the goal is to keep plants thriving while maintaining a beautiful design. However, landscaping can be challenging, especially for beginners in gardening. In this article, we will provide the essential aspects of garden

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mother and child at the cemetery

When Cemeteries Run Out of Space

Death is an inevitable part of life. No matter how we take care of ourselves, we will all reach the proverbial “end of the road.” Some would prefer to be cremated when they die. However, the more common practice is being placed in a casket and buried in a cemetery. For many people, a cemetery

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garage door

Types of Hinges for Garage Doors

For some time, garage doors used to be an afterthought on a home’s landscape. To this end, it was common to get garage doors that not only looked out of place but were also the weakest point of a property’s security. However, the garage door nowadays forms a crucial design element, and thus a lot

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man fixing the plumbing of the kitchen's sink

Leave Them to the Pros: Plumbing Tasks You Shouldn’t DIY

Most families experience plumbing issues at some point, whether it’s a dripping faucet, a clogged sink, or a malfunctioning toilet. It’s one thing to contact an emergency plumber in Orem because there’s something in the system that needs to be fixed immediately, and it’s another thing if you’re the one causing the problem yourself. A

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pergola in a garden

Six Ways to Turn Your Garden Room into a Functional Space

Adorned by the beauty of nature, a garden is usually seen as a serene sanctuary in any home. Often, homeowners allot a wide space for a garden. However, only a few can see past the space’s potential as a green landscape. A lot like a blank canvas, your extra outdoor space can potentially be turned

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home design

Designing Your House Using the Principles of Dressing Up

You choose clothes based on factors that are important to you. Some prefer comfort over looks, while others try to be trendy even if they have to suffer for what they consider beauty. It’s becoming prevalent to find a healthy balance among these factors, however. You can choose comfortable clothes that still look trendy so

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Nice backyard landscape with well kept lawn, flower beds and wooden fence.

Make the Best of Your Backyard

Lawns and backyards develop a few problems now and then, but proper maintenance can keep any situation under control. Apart from weeds and pests, a challenge that most homeowners tend to forget about is a flooded lawn because of a pipe clogging. The state of Florida receives an annual rainfall average of 63 inches, much

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Bucket full of cleaning tools

Home Sweep Home: Cleaning Ideas When Moving into a New House

One of the first things homeowners need to do when they move into a new place is to give it a nice, thorough clean. Not only will this help them feel comfortable immediately, but it’ll also let them have peace of mind after all the stressful packing. Of course, it’s best to complete all the

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