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Home Health Hazards You Might Not Know About

Sometimes, all people need is a peaceful home. The picture of a weekend with nothing important to do can feel like a well-deserved break in an otherwise busy and stressful life, but you will find that it rarely happens. If work and errands are not taking your time, you might encounter household chores and maintenance

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A Green Lifestyle Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

According to The Global Risks Report 2021 of the World Economic Forum, humanity faces the highest impact risk in the next decade from infectious diseases, followed by climate action failure and other environmental hazards such as biodiversity loss and natural resource crises. Within the next two years, the looming threats will include human-made environmental damage

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Sustainable Living: Building and Maintaining an Eco-friendly Home

Humans are probably the top contributors when it comes to causing destroying the environment. They are causing pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, climate change, and other negative impacts on the world. With this in mind, people should definitely start paying attention to their actions. If not, they will likely destroy the environment as well as the planet

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Best Environmentally-Friendly Materials to Use in Construction

Traditionally, materials like wood, concrete, and earth bricks were used in construction. These materials helped us build better homes and commercial spaces. However, sourcing these materials have destroyed the environment. For instance, large green areas are cut down for timber. Similarly, mining is done extensively for cement and sand. These have taken a toll on

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Easy Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Electricity Bills

According to an IEA report (International Electricity Agency), electricity consumption in 2018 was 22,315 TWh. This was 4% higher than the previous year. The report itself shows how much electricity is used across the world, and this increased demand is causing a hike in the cost of its consumption. While turning off unnecessary lights can reduce

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Sustainable Ways to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

As we go further into the 21st century, the more apparent the climate crisis becomes. In a span of one month, 4 storms have entered the Philippines. These caused torrential rainfall that left cities flooded and houses completely submerged in floods. This is just one example of the devastating effects of the deteriorating health of

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Using Sustainable Building Materials When Renovating Your Home

If you want to renovate your home, always choose to remodel than to build it from scratch. Many homeowners think that merely demolishing an old house and constructing a new one is the safest and most cost-effective way of rebuilding a home. But what it does is hurt the environment and continue to deplete the

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Home and Lifestyle Trends in the Time of Corona

It has been seven months since the coronavirus took the world by storm. In what felt like a blink of an eye, so many previous lifestyle choices became obsolete and even dangerous. With new social distancing guidelines, we have had to re-think how our houses are built, how we consume our food and media, and even

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Four Indoor Plants That Will Keep Your Home Cool

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s starting to feel quite humid these days. For those who pay their own electricity bills, you probably have a love-hate relationship with summer. You enjoy the bright, summer sun, and all the activities you have in store. But you’re also worried about the surge of your electricity

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Transform Your Workspace and Boost Productivity With These Design Ideas

Coming to work every day from 9-5 may seem robotic for some people, especially in an office where the work requires to be behind a computer screen. That daily repetitive routine might wear out some of the employees’ productivity and energy, which would result in inefficiency and sometimes stress. Several factors can affect employee productivity.

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