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Importance of After-storm Roof Damage Assessment

A roof is meant to “serve and protect” a building. It is a daunting task, and while a proper roof is capable of performing its function, it is also quite vulnerable. The roof of your home is exposed to the elements, and after a storm, you have to go the extra mile ensuring the roof is still intact. Damages must be addressed immediately.

Don’t Be Complacent

After a storm, you tend to take stock of the debris on the grounds and may be preoccupied with the flooding in the basement. It is important to take care of these things, but remember to look upward as well. Even when there is no obvious damage from your point of view on ground level, the roof may have sustained enough damage to warrant immediate repairs. There may be no missing shingles, but the gutters may have sustained major damage. Tree branches may be lodged where you cannot see them from your vantage point. Soon enough, the consequences of not addressing these issues will be evident, and you will find yourself spending more money on repairs.

Look for the First Sign of Damage

roof repair

The roof is the first line of defense of the house, and its ability to keep the building dry may be compromised after a storm. Hence, it is imperative to conduct an inspection of the post-deluge status of the house as soon as possible. 

You can perform the inspection by yourself, but do not attempt to climb up to the top of the house without proper equipment and protective gear. From ground level, you can start by inspecting the ceiling or the attic. Water stains are evidence of a potentially huge problem with the roof. 

Check the Overhang

At times, the shell of the roof is intact, but the overhang may already be succumbing to inclement weather. The gable overhang and eaves may have sustained water damage during the storm. If the area beneath the overhang is not amply protected from water the beams my start to rot. If the gutter is damaged the fascia boards covering the soffits may need to be replaced. These structures may be able to tolerate humid days, but excess water content could undo them. A call to a soffit and fascia repair company in Utah may be necessary. 

In these situations, turning to a professional contractor is the best move. Aside from ascertaining the damage done to the gutter system, they have the means to determine the insulation, leakage, and drainage condition. Their overall assessment includes determining the age of the roof and its present repair requirements. They will be able to tell you whether the roof is already home to various birds, insects, and small mammals as well. 

Roof damage due to a storm may be more extensive than you think. Instead of risking overwhelming expenses later on–as a matter of consequence due to neglect, address the issue immediately. Storm damage assessment after an event lessens the burden of expenses on major repairs or replacement of parts. You probably don’t need a new roof, but you need to be vigilant in ensuring timely and relevant repairs for the old one.

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