Simple Living Room Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

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decent living room

The living room could be labeled as the “heart” of the house. Not in the sense that it is the most critical part of the house since that could be entirely subjective, but the heart in the sense that it is the part of the house that could be easily judged.

After all, it is where the family members spend their time together and is usually the place where the guests are entertained. So it is almost a requirement for all living rooms to look decent, neat, and great, but also comfortable and functional as well.

People often struggle with living room décor ideas, especially those with smaller spaces, but good news for them since it could be easily be overcome! Space in decorating rooms matter a little, for as long as you know how to maximize on it completely.

Here are a few decorating ideas for your furniture setup to achieve a comfortable environment for living rooms with a smaller space.

Floor Spaces Actually Matter: Try Carpets

Most people are too caught up with buying the furniture, decorations, and different ornaments to place and hang around their living rooms that they sometimes take for granted one particular and important part of space: the floor.

Yes, you might be wondering what’s the point of paying attention to the details of the floor if no one ever notices it anyway? Well, that may just be precisely the point. If no one pays attention to the floor, you make your own way to make them notice it!

Try to put carpets, since there are a variety of choices anyway – there are designs that are traditional and conservative and those that are completely modern if that is the look you are going for and that is your taste. However, the floor is extremely dirty, so putting a carpet may actually need extra work in keeping them clean.

You have the option of hiring a carpet cleaner here in Utah County though if you want to make the maintenance easier!

Experiment with Streamlined Shelves

Try to refresh your storage or mini-library by lining them up on the shelves to expose the covers and make the monochromatic vibe of the papers stand out through coordinating them. Shelves are not that much of a usual appearance on living rooms, but if you are going for limited spaces putting a shelf does not make your room look too crowded.

In fact, it would draw eyes on the shelf itself and not on how much space it took. Load up your book collection or jackets in yard sales to make this streamlined shelf a reality!

Keep it Green with Plants In Your Living Room

green plants in living room

As mentioned earlier, space matters a little when it is maximized at its fullest potential. So if you have underused corners or nooks around your living room, try filling it with an indoor house plant. You have to pick the plants wisely and make sure those are the types of plants that could survive in harsh conditions with very little sunlight.

Once you have placed your house plant in the corner of your living room, it would instantly become the focal point and attention-grabber of the whole room!

When decorating your living room, you could always experiment with things that are not usual with streamlined shelves, then maximizing all types of spaces from the floor and all the way to nooks and corners around it! The living room should look presentable and comfortable enough.

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